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About Tony Paterson's art.

Tony is an Australian painter who specialises in, but is not limited to Australian landscapes and seascapes. As a child Tony loved to sketch. He drew copies of hundreds of images that inspired him at the time.

There were very limited materials available to him then, and he had no art instruction beyond state school classes. The substrate he used was scrap paper either rescued from his dad’s work bins or the remaining pages of the previous years’ school exercise books. Because of the course choices he made at the time Tony was denied the opportunity to study art in high school.

His family was not well off, but they were hardworking, honest and respected in the community. They did not find it easy to access tertiary education. Lacking the self-confidence or background to explore his talent, he sought a career in the trades in his fourteenth year, having completed grade ten in school.

Tony accepted that his future would be trade related, and was delighted to find at the age of fifteen the trade of signwriting, which to some extent satisfied his need for a steady living and artistic outlet.

Tony raised his own large family on tradesman’s wages and had no time or energy left for fine art outside of working hours.

Now that the children have grown and completed their schooling, he can again review his own goals. Tony has revisited his art, beginning with portraiture in graphite on textured paper stock. It has sold well and has found far-reaching markets thanks to the Internet.

Limiting himself to graphite has honed his understanding of light and shade on the subjects of his art. Recent life circumstances have allowed him the luxury and inspiration to travel and appreciate the interplay of colours in the natural land and seascapes around our beautiful country and beyond.

Tony seems to notice and contemplate scenes more than what he calls "normal people". While we all appreciate a pretty sunset, Tony is one of those who try to determine the “what” and “why” of it, and how he might incorporate that in his next artwork. He loves the interplay of light through objects and reflecting from them.

Tony enjoys the challenge and results of representing the nuances of water’s reflective and transparent qualities, while trying to use broad strokes and master the use of painting knives. He says "this will continue to be my objective in the foreseeable future of my art".

Tony lives with his wife Peta and her adult-aged dependent son at Capalaba, Queensland, Australia.